Making Crystal in 3ds Max using iray

Spectral dispersion is one of the difficult effects to achieve in 3d programs, so thanx God to the newly announced iray material which have that option.

Here I explain the simple steps I followed to achieve this effect:

Tandent Vision Science releases Lightbrush

Tandent Vision Science’s new tool, Lightbrush, breaks down photographic images into reflectance and illumination components, making it possible to edit surface colour and lighting independently.

Read more about Lightbrush on the Tandent Vision Science website

Making of Zombie

Here are the passes I did to make the Zombie movie, simple but yet believable.
The tracking was done using Nuke's planner tracking , fog and rain was done in 3ds Max.

Massive importer tool for 3ds Max released

Domingos Silva has announced the release of a beta of his plugin for importing Massive crowds into 3ds Max

Silva’s aptly named software MassiveImporter will allow artists to import 100 agents from Massive to the 64-bit edition of 3ds Max 2012. The programm automatically imports the agents skeleton, geometry and skin weighting data.
Still in development, Silva claims the next update will allow the import of an unlimited number of agents textures, instance geometry for each new agent and instance material. MassiveImporter is also being developed to work with Maya and Houdini.

Check out Domingos Silva’s blog for more information and videos
Download MassiveImporter

Via 3dworldmag

This test was done by me in 3ds max 2012, I had some problems with applying materials but every thing went smoothly after that


FumeFX 3 is out

Today on April 11th, 2012, almost 6 years from the release of version 1.0, Sitni Sati is proud to announce availability of the FumeFX 3.0 for Autodesk's 3ds max platform.

FumeFX 3.0 offers many innovations and artist-friendly improvements that provide unique control over the simulation. Features such as a GPU accelerated Preview Window, simulation of nested grids (which I most like), support for Space Warp deformers and newly added Effectors will allow you to approach VFX scene construction in a completely different and more flexible manner.
Read more here

Making of Adonia

I will demonstrate here the steps I been through to get to the final look of Adonia trophy
a project was done for Griffen Art House, here are some wiki info about Adonia

First of all a rough model was done in 3ds max, there was a real reference of course of adonia
(Not a real piece of gold)

The second step was to export to Mudbox as fbx file I didn't Unwrap it to the reason I will render
it in the full resolution with out Normal map, it is not the ultimate way but it works

taking her to 3ds max and do some texture work
for the background I used Environment/Background switcher and used an HDR image
and for the body a simple Arch material was enough with some noise to the reflection,glossiness and bump

The hdr image from Dosch
(Crome & Studio Effects) collection

moving to the lighting part
there was no lighting at all the hdr did the job
I used mental rey for rendering be careful to
know the angle to shoot from cause its tricky
when working with hdr with out lighs.

Finally here is me with Miss Adonia
by the way this was my first payed
job using Mudbox.

Photosculpt Textures v2 Software is out

Its a nice tool for generating normal maps although I didn't try it yet, all you need is two images
Its capable of producing the followings maps:
  • displacement map
  • Normal maps
  • Ambient occlusion maps
  • Specular maps
  • Diffuse maps
  • 2 Bump maps
and a lot of other things you can find it in the site